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Product Returns

All inkjet cartridges, laser toners, maintenance kits and ribbons are pre-tested and warranted against defect for 12 months from the date of the order. In order to facilitate this we have devised a labeling system for your supplies. All products are close-coded by day, date and year. If you have ANY issues with product quality we will need the date code from your product to determine warranty eligibility. 

Our "Unconditional Guarantee" is in place for your protection and refers to image quality, ie: streaks, smears, spots, lines, leaks, globs or fuzz (ribbons).

  • First, if you have any of these issues with your inkjet cartridges please visit our Trouble Shooting site for possible "fix-it" solutions. Please keep in mind these are the SAME solutions you would use if you had problems with a brand new Name Brand cartridge purchased elsewhere, and are common to this industry. You will find the link under our "Support" tab or you may click HERE to go directly to the site.
  • Second, in the event you have not found a solution to your problem and need further assistance with any of these issues, copy down the coded information from your ink or ribbon and eMail that to Sales@TenPlusPrinterCartridges.com along with your complaint, we will get in touch with you by eMail as quickly as time permits.

Returns Policy 

TenPLUS™ Printer Cartridges must conduct each request for return with all buyers in mind. Please understand, if you ordered the product and clicked "Submit" you are responsible for that order - as ordered and returns are strongly advised against because the cost to return/re-stock a product due to order entry error is an expensive process. The product(s) you purchased from TenPLUS™ is 100% Commercial Grade and Unconditionally Guranteed for image quality and page yield - there simply isnt a better or stronger gurantee in the printing supplies industry. As such, we feel we have a very generous returns policy, the details of which can be found below: 

  1. In the event our warehouse staff picked and packed the WRONG product (wrong being a product with a part number other than what you submitted on your order) we will cover 100% of the shipping for the returning product (see "*Return Methods & Policies" below) as well as 100% of the shipping of the replacement product. TenPLUS™ assumes no responsibility whatsoever for inconvenience of time or damage to a printer if the end-user attempts to install a product that is not designed for their printer. 
  2. Damaged in transit: Please photograph the damaged product and the shipping box it was received in and forward the image(s) to Sales@TenPlusPrinterCartridges.com as quickly as possible, we will immediately ship you replacement of THE SAME product(s) and give you further instructions on how to return the damaged merchandise to us.
  3. You ordered the wrong product and want us to replace it with something different (see "*Return Methods & Policies" below). Because this is an expensive process, and it is not due to our own negligence, the following rules apply: you will be charged for the replacement product AND shipping for the replacement product (you will be refunded the cost of the original product once it returns, provided it is in sellable condition). If your returning product is received in 30 days or less of your order there will be NO re-stocking fee applied, if it is received AFTER 30 days of your order an incremental re-stocking fee of 10% then an additional 10% thereafter every month will be applied (in addition to the shipping charges).
  4. Returning overstocked products you purchased from TenPLUS™. We will NOT buy back any product from any client regardless of its condition or how long they have had it, whether or not they have a machine it may be used in. We will instead issue you store credit along with charging (deducting) 30% of the current price for that product from your total available credit - ONLY if your overstocked items are returned within 30 days of their original purchase (because our products are date-coded we can only re-sell a product if it still has 11 months remaining on its date code). If you do not use your credit or you close your account you will NOT receive a refund of your credit balance. Additionally, you are responsible for the cost of shipping the return product(s) to our warehouse (please see "*Return Methods & Policies" below).
  5. You received a "defective" product - TenPLUS™ Inks will ship you a replacement cartridge via UPS or FedEx ground and email you a UPS or FedEx shipping label to return the defective product (a credit hold will be applied to your account until the defective cartridge has arrived at our warehouse - we are very sorry we have to impliment this policy but it has been our experience that most customers will neglect to return a defective cartridge regardless of who pays the shipping unless there is some cost or time frame attached to it). Please return all defective products in accordance with the "Return Methods & Policies" below.
  6. Our product does not meet with your expectations and you simply want a refund and wish to close your account - after we have exhausted replacement efforts. Please adhere to the "Return Methods & Policies" below. We are extremely sad at your leaving and as soon as your product arrives at our warehouse and is inspected we will issue you an IMMEDIATE refund by check for your complete purchase price of the product(s) returned. If any of your product(s) are found to be empty you will be refunded for the ones you did not use or did not consume more than 50% of the product expectancy. Additionally, if your returns are not received in sellable condition (crushed boxes will not be accepted regardless of how they got that way) we cannot refund you for them (please see "*Return Methods & Policies" below for proper re-packing method).
  7. Page Yield Guarantee. Please be advised that in stating there is a page yield guarantee - we are NOT stating that you are "Guaranteed" any certain number of pages and that anything short of that is a defective product... quite the contrary. The guarantee is based on "normal use" - that being the industry standard of 5% coverage. An acceptable yield for any product is +/- 10% of the stated yield. For example: A compatible C4127X is rated for 10,000 pages - theoretically you could get anywhere from 9,000 - 11,000 pages printing the same identical page until the cartridge was empty... and be within the accepted range of the yield stated for that particular cartridge. Your actual page yield will vary based on your typical printing. And please realize 5,000 pages printed on both sides counts as 10,000 pages. Images, photos, bold and highlighted text all use more ink or toner on a page. An easy way to get an idea of how much ink or toner it takes to cover 5% of a page is this; If you took a sheet of paper and created 10 equal columns and 10 equal rows you would have 100 squares on a sheet (100%) if you filled in 5 of them you would have covered 5% of that page. Now imagine all the print you put on a page crammed together into those little squares - would it fit inside or overflow?

    NEVER assume any print product will last a certain number of days "my cartridges usually last me a month" - because your cartridges are not filled with days... they are filled with either ink or toner.  

*Return Policy:   

  • When we receive your request to return a defective product we will advance-ship you a replacement. We would also request that you return any defective product to us along with a print sample and/or reason so that we can have our R & D Department determine the cause and take the appropriate corrective measures to avoid the same problem in the future. ONLY those products found to be defective will qualify for credit - they MUST have a coded label on them and they cannot be empty or beyond 75% of their usable capacity. 


TenPLUS™ Printer Cartridges will ship to your facility, anywhere in the continental United States (limited to 48 states only). All shipping will be ground via the carrier of our choice, your product will be delivered, under normal circumstances, within 1-2 business days. An "original order" is the order you placed at the time your order was submitted and your credit card was charged - this is every order** that you place with us for product (see exceptions). 


  • You ordered the wrong product and want us to replace it with something different (see "Returns" above) - you will be charged shipping for the replacement product. In the event our warehouse staff ship you a cartridge OTHER THAN WHAT IS ON YOUR ORDER/PACKING LIST then naturally we will incur all shipping costs in order to make your order correct.
  • You ordered a product that you no longer use and want it replaced with a different product (see "Returns" above). In the event we can accomodate your request you will pay to ship the overstocked products to us and if/when they are found to be re-sellable we will ship the new cartridge(s) to you, however, you will be charged a 30% re-stocking fee (based on current values of your returned products) plus return shipping to your facility.
  • We shipped you a replacement cartridge and found that there was no problem with a product you returned as "defective." We are very generous here, to a fault, but we also feel the need to look out for all of our customers by watching out for fraudulent claims. In most cases a "defective" cartridge will be treated just as that, however, in the event we seem to get several, or repeat from the same customer, we MUST investigate the product and if it is found to be in keeping with our quality guidelines a re-stocking fee and/or shipping charges will be charged to your account, OR your account will be closed for misuse.

NOTICE: We cannot ship damaged products back that you have submitted for credit. Any and all damaged products will be disposed of in keeping with the State regulations where the receiving warehouse is located.

Policy subject to change without notice.


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